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It is hard to believe that the situation with the pandemic that started  at the end of 2019 – beginning of 2020 is nowhere near the quick resolution we all hoped for. As we discover new life priorities (toilet paper!) and spend unprecedented amounts of time with our families, we also discover the resilience within to cope with the hardest situations that life can throw at us. 

During this time of uncertainty, the CAPI board has taken time to re-group, take care of their families, and review how we could evolve quickly to adapt to our new circumstances. It is clear that we need to adjust to doing business remotely as our new normal. The CAPI board is discussing plans to hold the annual meeting online, as opposed to trying to wait out the pandemic. The online meeting would be followed by online elections. We will send out the details as they become more solid. 


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As a second order of business, CAPI is looking into developing a robust repository of online resources to support professional development of our members from the safety and comfort of their homes. We are looking for volunteers to help develop and post content that would offer asynchronous educational opportunities.  The term asynchronous is used to describe a kind of resource where the presenter does not have to be online at the same time as the user taking the class. This kind of resource is self-contained and does not require immediate interaction. If there is a test as part of the class in order to receive credit, then it can be reviewed later. Another option is that it can be a test that can be graded automatically. This kind of class is great for the night owls or to offer last minute boost to credit hours needed to meet the end-of-year CEU compliance requirements. Can you offer this kind of content tailored for interpreters? If so, please contact us!


CAPI is also reviewing how to convert the presentations that were slated for the annual meeting into online webinars and to add more such presentations to our schedule overall. These would be “synchronous” – meaning, the presenters and attendees would be online at the same time, and this modality would allow for interaction. We are also interested in other webinars. If you are a presenter, and are interested, we would love to hear from you! Please submit your proposals to the Suggestions box, or by contacting the CAPI board. 


To contact us with ideas and suggestions, please use the suggestions/ wish list link on our website: Or write to us at:


Financial Need and Employment Related Resources

Resources for freelancers:


Unemployment insurance (at the time of writing states that the self-employed are not covered but does invite to check back for more information):

Paid sick leave emergency rules:


Colorado Courts updates about operations during COVID-19:


CDC guidelines to healthcare personnel:


CDC guidelines for COVID-19:


Keeping Busy in Isolation Reading Material for Interpreters and Translators

Project MUSE free reading resources available during COVID-19:


Linguistic Society of America news releases page:


National Association for Interpretation resource page:


The International Journal of Translation and Interpreting Research, a list of articles and other resources:


Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf resources available online:


Practical Tips and Conversation about the COVID-19’s pandemic’s impact on Healthcare Interpreters: