Sylvia Gaylord

Sylvia Gaylord

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Level Professional

Languages Spanish, Portuguese, French

Native Language English

Years of Experience 10

Biography I am a native of Argentina where I completed my primary and secondary education in Spanish. I attended college in the U.S. and worked as a college professor of political science at the Colorado School of Mines for 8 years. I hold a Ph. D. in Political Science from Northwestern University, and B.A.-M.A. from The Johns Hopkins University. I have been developing multi-lingual skills throughout my entire education and work life. Prior to joining the faculty at CSM I worked in the private sector on energy projects in Peru and Guatemala. I later learned Portuguese to carry out research in Brazil and have written and presented academic work in English, Spanish, and Portuguese. I also know French, having completed the 7-year course sequence at the Alliance Francaise. I am currently certified as a court interpreter for Spanish and work in the Colorado Courts and with the Rocky Mountain Immigrant Advocacy Network.