Dear colleagues!

We hope you are doing well and staying healthy as we are slowly moving back towards opening businesses in Colorado .  CAPI has been hard at work looking for volunteers to support CAPI’s evolving needs.  

In this blog we would like to share some updates on the upcoming Virtual Annual CAPI Meeting 2020, the Elections Committee, Survey Results, and a Call for Webinar Presenters. 


Virtual Annual CAPI Meeting 2020 – June 13th

The date of the Virtual Annual CAPI Meeting and virtual host has been selected! The annual meeting will take place via Zoom.       

The meeting will start promptly at 10 am. Please log on 15 minutes early to make sure there is time to troubleshoot any issues. 

Virtual meeting schedule: 

10 AM Remote interpreting webinar

12 PM CAPI report; self-nominations; demonstration of how online elections will work. 

2 PM – Virtual networking


The Elections Committee

We are happy to announce that we have filled both elections committee volunteer positions to provide an independent and smooth operation of our elections:

Teresa Lopez, Spanish interpreter and translator,


Lucy Kathan, professional certified Spanish court and medical interpreter



 Survey Results

We asked you and you responded!

CAPI’s goal was to find out the best way to serve its members during this time of stress and constantly changing needs. We learned that most of our members are looking for ways to either learn new skills that can be marketable during this time or learn how to adapt their interpreting skills to the online environment. We will be offering both synchronous and asynchronous webinars to meet this need. Please stay tuned!


Call for Webinar Presenters

If you are a presenter or know other presenters, please send them our way! We might not be able to offer everything on everyone’s wish list at once, but we hope to create a menu of both interactive and independent learning-type online classes in our online repository. 


Thank you to the outgoing board members

Our two wonderful directors Elizabeth Vigil and Fariba Jackson are ending their terms and retiring from the public spotlight. We would like to say special thanks to both of them for their service! 

Elizabeth Vigil  Elizabeth was CAPI’s go-to proofreader for our quarterly newsletters, MailChimp emails, blog posts, and many other texts. Elizabeth worked on implementing the changes to the Bylaws that you will see being proposed this election. Elizabeth also caught outdated text in the Bylaws and created the new proposals. That delicious breakfast at the CAPI conference? Elizabeth and Fariba both worked on the menu, purchasing, and setup. Thank you for your service Elizabeth! 


Fariba Jackson  Fariba was in charge of the MailChimp emails which she sent meticulously sticking to deadlines, found venues for the CAPI Happy Hours and CAPI events, secured food vendors and negotiated excellent deals, established contacts with recruiters, contributed to the newsletter, fed the CAPI board breakfast during meetings held at her house, and provided countless other services that can’t all be listed here. Thank you for your service Fariba!


CAPI Bylaws  – please review the proposed changes

In the past year the CAPI board has discovered that some items were not spelled out in the bylaws and thus we felt the need to add them and make them official. One example is having student members is a fairly new phenomenon, but we need to make decisions on what other rights and privileges would be allowed to this new membership category. 

Some items needed to be updated simply due the changes in how operations need to be run in the modern world – case in point is having elections online, or not requiring that members’ personal information be published in every newsletter. Just to be clear, it is up to every member to fill out their profile to their comfort and to set up display preferences. CAPI currently does not publish member addresses in the newsletter of course, but that does need to be updated to coincide with the Bylaws.

Please see the Bylaws changes proposed below:


Colorado Association of Professional Interpreters (CAPI)


Changes being proposed to the March 2007 latest version of the CAPI Bylaws


The below are changes that are being proposed to the CAPI Bylaws. Voting will commence on June 13, 2020 at CAPI’s Annual Meeting and run for 14 calendar days.


(Affirmative votes creating new section/s and subsections will consequently change the numbering of Articles and/or its subsections.  Changes to the numbering will take effect after the vote.)


 Article IV. Membership

 Existing Wording:

There shall be two classes of membership in this Association: Individual and Organization.


Proposed change and wording:

There shall be three classes of membership in this Association: Individual, Organization, and Student.

Yes or No


A Student Member shall be any student in an accredited higher education institution who has submitted a complete Membership Form and is current in payment of membership student dues.



  1. Article IV, Membership, Section 3, subsection ‘a’:

 Existing Wording:

  1. Individual Members have the right to attend any of CAPI’s membership meetings, receive all its regular publications free or at special membership rates, and participate in any CAPI function at membership rates. They also have the right to vote, to hold Association office and to serve on the Board of Directors and all committees and/or task forces of the Association.

 Proposed change and wording:

  1. Individual Members and Student Members have the right to attend any of CAPI’s membership meetings, receive all its regular publications free or at special membership rates, and participate in any CAPI function at membership rates. Student Members will have a student membership rate. They also have the right to vote, to hold Association office and to serve on the Board of Directors and all committees and/or task forces of the Association.


 Article IV, Section 3, subsection ‘b’

 Existing Wording: 

A list of Organization Members, including contact information, will be publicized in every issue of CAPI’s newsletter.

 Proposed change: 

Shall the below sentence be removed allowing members the option to post or not to post their own information on CAPI’s website?   


Remove:  “A list of Organization Members, including contact information, will be publicized in every issue of CAPI’s newsletter.”

Yes / No



  1. Article V. Board of Directors, Section 1:

 Existing Wording:

All members of the Board of Directors must be Individual Members of CAPI in good standing.


Proposed change and wording:

All members of the Board of Directors must be Individual or Student Members of CAPI in good standing.



  1. Article VII.  Elected Officers, New Section to be added as ‘Section 3. Elections Committee’ with subsections a through f.

 Existing Wording:

No existing wording that allows for an Elections Committee


Proposed change and wording:  Yes / No to all of the below:

  •  Elections Committee

An elections committee will be selected by the CAPI board.  Members of the elections committee may not be board members.  Elections Committee members may not be running for any board member position.  Elections Committee members will be available in person at the CAPI Annual Meeting to help members with the electronic voting process.


  • Nominations

Nominations of candidates for open positions shall be accepted by the elections committee with a deadline of no later than the first day of election during the member meeting.  Upon conclusion of the member meeting, no other nominations shall be accepted.  Only self-nominations are accepted.  In order to be a board member, the nominee must have active standing CAPI membership throughout the term in office.  All nominated candidates must meet board member requirements.


  • Electronic and Paper Voting

CAPI shall use a secure electric system to conduct its voting process.  In the event that electronic voting is impossible due to emergency circumstances, paper ballots may be used instead.


  • Who can vote

All members in good standing with voting privileges are able to vote.  Their membership must be active on the day of elections to be eligible to vote.


  • Elections process and candidates

Elected candidates shall be allowed to submit their statements and the Board of Directors will allow the Elections Committee reasonable access to post announcements of candidacies on the CAPI website and on the CAPI social media platforms to promote the candidacies of the nominees up until the last day of elections.  Elections shall run for 14 calendar days. The 14-day election period will start no later than the Friday after the Annual Meeting .


  • Announcement of the Election Results

Among the candidates running for the same position, the candidate with the majority of votes shall win.  Voting outcome shall be announced to the membership as soon as it is reasonably possible after all the calculations are complete.  In the event of a tie, another election for the candidates who have tied shall be held within thirty days.  Other results of the election shall stand.  Records of election results and calculations shall be kept for at least three years.  In the event of a change of the plug-in or electronic voting system, the information shall be exported and stored in a readable format.


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